January 28, 2013

Denim+Denim: Studs

Today I'm kicking off my first themed outfit week: denim on denim!! Check back often to see how we wear  our favorite wardrobe staple! 

Denim on denim, aka the Canadian tuxedo, is one of my favorite trends. I like wearing darker jeans with a lighter wash top, like this vest. I decided to give the outfit a little Western styling, while sticking to my grungy edge. I think the slight studding and wear on the vest add just enough punk to keep the outfit from going too cowboy! I also love my tooled leather boots with the metal tips. They're a classic style that can be added to any outfit for a little rockabilly flair. Finally, I added the bright nails and colorful tank to keep the outfit from looking too dark and monochromatic.

(shirt:h&m)(vest:f21)(jeans: volcom)(boots: flea market)

Think you can do better? Email me at mackenzie(at)heybirdfriend(dot)com with a photo of your denim+denim outfit! I'll feature the best reader photos in my weekend post-- just send by 10 pm this Friday!!


  1. I've never really been sold on denim on denim but I like how you've done it here.

  2. This outfit is adorable, I tend to avoid denim on denim but this looks fantastic. So cute xo


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