January 16, 2013

Inspiration: Greenhouse

Today in my visual merchandising class we took a field trip to the Jordan Greenhouse!! We had to identify the many design tools & rules in nature and draw pictures of them. It's definitely my favorite class this semester!

I'd never actually been in this greenhouse before, and now I'm sad I haven't been hanging out here for the past two years! There were hundreds of different kinds of plants and flowers, most of which I had never seen or heard of before. It was also wonderful to bask under the heat lamps while it's 20 degrees outside!

It was definitely inspirational. Even though "visiting nature" always seems to be the stereotypical creativity boosting tip, I've never really tried it like this... I guess the little rooms with their fresh green smell gave me an extra concentrated burst of Mother Nature!

Most of all, I've been inspired to keep a little nature in my house, especially for the lifeless winter months. I really really want my own tiny succulent plant! I've actually been looking at a lot of blogs to inspire me, and here are my favorites: (hippo planter)(mr. man head planter)(planter with giraffe). Be sure to check them out! I can't wait to go thrifting to find my own whimsical container!


  1. woah that sounds like such an interesting class! and i love the way you took these pictures, you captured the flowers so well. pretty :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures and colors!! Love it :)


  3. Very beautiful photos of those plants! Makes me want to get to gardening1

  4. I love succulants and cacti! I have a tiny greenhouse of my very own.

  5. Beautiful photos girlie! That Fuchsia is amazing. So pretty and succulents are my very fave.

  6. I'm dying to make a succulent garden. They are so unique and lovely. :)


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