January 23, 2013

What's Up?

Hey guys! I just wanted to draw your attention to a few things happening on the blog...

1) Things I love!
You may have noticed that I like to create all my own photography and posts for this blog. I totally understand when bloggers post content from other people-- that's just not my style. But that doesn't mean I don't have my own cool finds and inspiration to share! That's why I've created a mini-blog to showcase the art, fashion, and crafts that really really jump out at me! You can see my most recent "loves" posts in the sidebar to the right, as well as clicking on the link at the top of my blog. I hope you enjoy my random finds!

2) Introducing... Valerie!

"Hey Birdfriends! I'm Val and I am a Sophomore at IU, studying Fashion Design. I have interned for What I Wore, and been featured on Birdfriend before, so I was super excited to be a regular contributor! I love everything to do with fashion. I work at Plato's Closet, so I'm a huge fan of being thrifty with your money and putting together outfits that consist of both old and new, even handmade pieces. I dress up for fun so some of my favorite designers are Marc Jacobs, Alice + Olivia, Betsey Johnson, Miu Miu, etc. My everyday style is pretty grunge right now- lots of sweaters and doc martens, but it's always changing. You can find me on instagram @vdetwiler. Thanks!"

Yup, I've got my first regular contributor!! You can read more about contributors in the tab up top.

3) Sponsors!

I've been exploring all kinds of new blogs lately, and doing ad swaps all the while. If you have a blog or Etsy that you would like to promote, just let me know! This is a new blog but I've had 1,000 pageviews already and hope to expand quickly. Just visit the "Sponsor" tab up top and go ahead and use the code HEYBFSWAP on the swap size to get a free ad on here :)


  1. I much prefer blogs of original content too! It's more personal. I like the idea of setting up a separate account for the other things.

  2. Oh my goodness I am kind of in love with that fox scarf! And I agree I really love when blogs use their own stuff instead of just constantly taking "inspiration" from other sites.


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