February 21, 2013

Nautical Nonsense

Lately it's been Big Interview City for me.  I've been spending my days switching between business professional and lazy sweats, so I haven't had a chance to do an outfit post. But I was browsing the Modcloth tumblr and saw all the cute nautical stuff they posted and was totally inspired!! As you saw in my Anchor DIY, I love love love nautical style!

(sweatshirt: DIY)(blouse: thrifted)(jeans: Forever 21)(flats: Target via Goodwill)(earrings: Charming Charlie)(headband: Kohl's)


  1. love the shoes! sometimes goodwill finds are the best. :)

  2. I love nautical styles too. They remind me so much of my mom when I was young. She loved navy blue and white combos, especially stripes. So now I always think that nautical outfits are super chic. :)

  3. Ooh, I am seriously obsessing over your sweater! Nautical is my favourite - every time! I even shared how to make your own anchor print tote bag in my latest post! : )

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  4. I am such a sucker for nautical-themed clothes/accessories too! Your sweater turned out amazing (so jealous of your anchor-drawing skills) and looks ultra comfy.



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