March 9, 2013

Ikat Believe It!

Nice pun, right?? Ikat is a traditional dyeing technique that creates these cool abstract yet geometric patterns. It's very similar to tie-dyeing, except that the individual threads that make up the fabric are tied and dyed instead of the finished garment. I'll admit, these jeans are probably not made of REAL ikat fabric, but I'm really into the printed denim trend and these are super cool!

Also I want to point out the necklace I'm wearing (first mentioned here) is from the beautiful Crave Jewelry!

(jeans: Urban Outfitters)(t-shirt: J. Crew)(denim top: H&M)(necklace: Crave Jewelry)

And this was the last time I wore these jeans, in the fall... Which do you like better? I think I'm partial to the newer outfit but maybe that's because my hair is cuter!!


  1. Those booties and those pants, love them together! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  2. Thank you so much for following Mackenzie! We are happy to have you. And a trip to Germany?! Sound amazing. If I ever get a chance to go ill have to ask you for advice :)

    Also those pants are rad! Idk if I could pull them off but you look rocking!

  3. Lovely booties!

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  4. I LOVE that new outfit! Super cute!

  5. These pants are super awesome, and I really love the new outfit, so stylish! You look awesome!


  6. new outfit for sure! love them with the booties!

  7. Those pants are so fab! I actually like the first sweater a lot! But the sparkly booties for sure. ;)


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