April 30, 2013


Yesterday my boyfriend Dan released his newest EP and held a summer cookout to celebrate. I wish you all could have been there! The weather was gorgeous and there was plenty of good music and great company.

Take a listen-- the music is fun and poppy and chock-full of literary references.  Better yet, show your support by downloading it (for free) HERE!! (Fun fact: you can hear me singing on the last track.) In the meantime, check out some pictures!

Another awesome local musician: Kate Siefker
My new friends Kim and Kendall (and my BFF Jelly the dog)
The three coolest dudes in the world. Including Coleman Lowndes (right), who produced and engineered the record.

This is my "why did I agree to sing???" face
Singing "Fun & All" (which we write at the beginning of our relationship, despite it being about the end of a relationship) 
And here I am in front of the Angryhouse itself.
(dress: Urban Outfitters)(top: J. crew)(shoes: Nordstrom Rack)(socks: Urban Outfitters)(bracelet: Charming Charlie)(earrings: Forever 21)

Still reading? Get to downloading!!


  1. Love your outfits to bits! <3 Your hat is adorable!

    Lost in the Haze

  2. Fun song! And I love your dress--so pretty! It kind of reminds me of my outfit today actually...dress over shirt and oxfords with socks :)


  3. Thanks for your sweet words on my last post, they brightened my day!
    You look lovely, I adore your cute floral dress and these pretty shoes. Yay for your boyfriend's new EP!

    Hope you have a fantastic day,

  4. You guys are SO cute!
    Love the outfit and love this music! Gonna have to rock out to this while studying for finals! ;)

    - Tiff

  5. That's so awesome! I need to hear his jams and I'm in love with your shoes.

  6. looks like such a fun way to celebrate!

  7. love the shoes! Wow, your boyfriend is a singer? Hope you had fun. Will listen to the songs now :)

  8. ooo i like Kendall's outfit- those pants are awesome. And i love your face hahah mine would be in a similar format, too ;) and i LOVE the 90,000,000 records one- I was not expecting it to be kicked into higher gear after the first minute. it was so cool! and this looks like such a fun get together, congrats to your boy :D

    xo Marlen
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