May 8, 2013

AZ Vintage

A few weeks ago I went to the one-year anniversary celebration of my favorite Bloomington shop-- AZ Vintage! The moment I walked in a year ago I fell in love with the bright colors and patterns of the awesomely curated vintage clothing. In addition, there's tons of bright dishes and cool accessories like jewelry and scarves! Best of all, the prices are great-- not too expensive for some pretty quality stuff.

I'd kill to have this store as my closet! Needless to say, I've bought some cute things, like this floral dress and this tropical scarf!

There's also a great collection of vintage art, especially old paint-by-number pictures-- which are unexpectedly charming.

And meet the fabulous hostess and owner of the store-- Alison Zook!! She's super friendly and sweet and I always love talking to her whenever I stop by.

If you ever find yourself in Bloomington, IN, you should definitely check it out!!

PS: My blog is nearing 10,000 lifetime views and I wanted to celebrate the occasion with my first giveaway... Keep an eye out for it soon!

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  1. *Sighhh. Talk about eye candy!! I want so desperately to open up a vintage shop. I need to get my bum in to gear already. I will have to take a trip to check this place out :]


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