May 29, 2013

Pink Geometrics

Here's another skirt I made at the same time as the lemon one! I'm pretty sure all I did was take a rectangle of fabric, hemmed one end, made the other end a casing for elastic, and sewed the two other sides together.

I've been having a whole lot of fun lately, getting better at taking pictures using my tripod and editing them. Practice makes perfect I guess!! Do you notice any improvement?

(top: Forever 21)(skirt: self-made)(belt: Forever 21)(earrings: Urban Outfitters)(watch: Michaels Craft Store)(wedges: Target)

By the way, the giveaway ends in just a few hours. I'll post the winner in a couple of days!


  1. Those boots are adorable! I love how you bring them into summer with that outfit.


  2. I clicked over from Facebook JUST to tell you how much it looks like you've grown as a blogger! I love that second photo. There's something really casual and personable about it. Keep going, girl!

  3. Really impressed with your sewing skills, that skirt is so cute, and the fabric is wonderful. You make it sound very easy too, the I may just have to have a go :)

  4. GOODNESS! These pictures are GORGEOUS! Not only the clothes are great, but the lighting and colors are beautiful! I must say you're really getting good at this! :)

    - Tiff

  5. Amazing skirt. Such great colours!! :)

  6. I love your skirt and it's perfect with that top.


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