June 16, 2013

Beach Baby

Living a few blocks away from a legit, honest-to-god beach is totally surreal. I've been landlocked my entire life and I can't wait for the weather to get hot so I can spend more time here!

Patterned athletic-style shorts were on my shopping list for this summer and I found the perfect pair at Akira, which I had never heard of before seeing them everywhere here! It seems like the Chicago version of Bloomington native Pitaya-- fast fashion that reflects the style of that location.

(top: American Eagle)(shorts: Akira)(bracelets wrist up: Topshop, J. Crew, self-made, J. Crew)

About my summer shopping list-- since I'm constantly surrounded by my favorite stores here in Chicago, I've made a list of trends that I want to cover while I'm here. That way, when I'm inevitably walking around stores, I don't just buy anything that I like-- I keep an eye out for the PERFECT item to cross off my list. It's better for my budget but also more fun, like a scavenger hunt! Maybe I'll post my list eventually. 

Until then-- what are some of your must-haves for this summer??


  1. Those shorts are awesome! I also have printed shorts on the wish list for summer but not yet found the perfect pair....

    www.tapeparade.wordpress.com xxx

  2. I would love to live near a beach. If only for the photo opps!

  3. Ah that looks so fun! Those shorts are ADORABLE!

  4. Making a list of pieces to buy is such a great idea (especially on a college student's budget)! I'll have to make a list of my own. :0)



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