September 24, 2013

Cannonball Cole

This summer my boyfriend Dan had an internship at a recording studio in Chicago, and he had the opportunity to run his own sessions! Our IU friend Coleman (aka Cannonball Cole) flew in from DC to record a few songs and I got to hang out with them in the process.

I like sitting in on Dan's recording and mixing sessions because it seems so magical to me! I love music and just like my other interests, I want to know what happens behind-the-scenes... but I don't think I'll ever understand all the mics and equipment and buttons on the mixing board. The amount of effort that goes into making an album-- writing, practicing, recording, mixing, mastering-- is astounding!

And have I mentioned how talented Coleman is? He has an amazing voice and his lyrics are brilliant. One of his songs made me cry each time he played it. I can't wait to hear the finished EP.

Although the songs they recorded during this session aren't finished, you can listen to some of his older music here!

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