October 25, 2013

Keep It Unreal

A few weeks ago, my favorite blogger Jeni of I Spy DIY came to visit Indiana University! She's been touring campuses with Express, DIY'ing shirts with students. I was so excited to meet her! I'm also super happy with the shirt we made together! (See how to make your own using her instructions.)

This outfit is a bit edgier than my usual style... but I borrowed my roommate's cat beanie and I think I am rocking it!!

(t-shirt: DIY)(flannel top: Target)(leggings: Target)(shoes: DSW)(necklace: American Eagle)(hat: Brave Store)

I took a bunch of pictures of the process, but sadly lost them when I reformatted my laptop. But here's a pic from Jeni's instagram just to prove it really happened!!

photo via ISPYDIY


  1. that's so fun that you got to meet one of your favorite bloggers- i'd be totally star struck! and love your roommates cat beanie- SO adorable!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. This sounds so awesome and I love your new blog look! So cute!


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