October 6, 2013

Summer 2013 Looks

The days are ending earlier, the weather is getting colder, and I'm finally ready to admit that summer is over. That means it's time to share my favorite outfits of the season! Click the links below to read about each look, and you can also see my fave fashion from Spring 2013 here.

(Samba)(Safari Ferns)(Black & Blue)

Which one is your favorite? Even though I love warm weather more than anything else, I've gotten tired of my summer clothes-- bring on the jeans. sweaters, and boots! I'm ready to layer! 


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  2. I loved the middle set, it was so summery and floral! :)



  3. So glad I found your blog! I love it :) My favorite outfit is the very first one, love the floral shorts!


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