March 2, 2014

Some Amazing Music

Today I wanted to share something very important to me!! My boyfriend Dan has created a Kickstarter for his band, Little Timmy McFarland of Flight 19. Their music is a fun combo of rock, country, and punk, and they are pressing their newest album to vinyl! I'll let him describe it himself--

"Cruelty was written over the Summer of 2013.  Envisioned as the guitar-music equivalent to a book of short stories, each of the eleven songs functions as a character sketch; a gallery of portraits, bad people doing bad things.  Examples: A song called "Only Dogs" features two lovers who find a creative way to revitalize their relationship.  A song called "Cabrini-Green" features someone who realizes funny feelings about gang activity."

You can get the entire 11 song digital download for only $10, and the actual vinyl for $25! Best of all, the project has already been funded, so you're guaranteed to get your music! Every additional dollar is being spent on making the album even better.

Get more info here:

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